Bulldozer leasing for road construction and real estate development
Hire a bulldozer in Kenya and tanzania at the best price
Rent a caterpillar and komatsu bulldozer D6


Lease a bulldozer from us the best machinery hire company in Kenya and Tanzania because of the variety of configurations we offer. This includes different types of crawler bulldozers namely  D6 bulldozer D7 bulldozers D8 bulldozers and D9 bulldozers from Komatsu and Caterpillar. These machines are exceptional with rough terrain thus they can push large amounts of soil sand and gravel with ease thus making us the best construction company to rent a bulldozer at the cheapest cost. Our bulldozers have done exceptional work in the following areas a wide range of sites, mines and quarries, military bases, heavy industry factories, engineering projects, construction plants, road sites real estate development and farms.

Our soil bulldozers come with first-class equipment operator and construction managers with vast  experience at their construction jobs for all your road construction or road rehabilitation needs.  Our machines are the best for they come with sturdy bodies able to withstand unfavourable climates. Due to the thorough maintenance of this heavy machinery for leasing offer 100 per cent efficiency. Build Worth Africa offers bulldozers with different types of blades from U shaped to semi u shaped for all your site needs be it pushing large rocks or finishing fine grading.

The large tracks offer excellent ground holding capability and mobility only the best bulldozers from the best machinery hire company in Kenya and Tanzania. Our bulldozer price is the most competitive leasing price in the market and we give discounts on bundling of machinery.

caterpillar komatsu bulldozer construction equipment machinery
Build Worth Africa construction company

Build Worth Africa has vast experience in renting out an array of heavy machinery for the  purpose of major and minor construction projects over the last 7 years.  Hence we are experts in this business of construction machinery rental in Kenya and the greater East Africa region as we have been involved in a vast number of projects that transcend even countries. Our heavy machinery have been contracted for the purpose of mining, constructing roads and drainage , construction of buildings e.t.c. We are the best construction machinery  leasing company in Kenya.