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Hiring a grader from Build Worth Africa is a very linear process due to the presence of construction managers industry experts who help you in the equipment leasing of the motor grader. Over the many years, we have been in business renting out our top of the line graders like caterpillar graders and Komatsu graders we have overcome all obstacles that come with different conditions of various construction sites; We have overcome these obstacles due to our fuel-efficient and high power motor graders. We value quality that is why our machines are tailored with quality speed transmission and sturdy bodies to withstand any external elements and any earthmoving project in Kenya and Tanzania. Being the best construction equipment hiring company in Kenya year in year out we are the right fit to help you lease a  motor grader for your construction of roads, highways and superhighways.

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We offer the best service as the best construction hiring  company in Kenya.  Our graders come equipped with a range of innovative capabilities such as powerful grader blade down force and incredible traction. With a wide grader blade length to overcome any grading of gravel or dirt road and a large fuel capacity tank to finish leveling any paved road in the shortest amount of time possible.Our motor grader price are the most competitive leasing price in the market and we give discounts on bundling of construction machinery.

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Road Motor Grader 140g and 140h lease at best price

Build Worth Africa has vast experience in renting out an array of heavy machinery for the  purpose of major and minor construction projects over the last 7 years in various industries and construction plants.  Hence we are experts in this business of construction equipment rental in Kenya and the greater East Africa region as we have been involved in a vast number of projects that transcend even countries. Our heavy machinery have been contracted for the purpose of mining, constructing roads and drainage , construction of buildings e.t.c. We are the best construction machinery  renting company in Kenya. 

Considered to be one of the most important machinery in road construction, motor graders are used for levelling the surface of the road so that asphalt can be laid on it. They are generally used for the construction of gravel or dirt based roads. Modern-day motor graders, also known as articulated frame motor graders, consist of three axels -- two at the rear end and one axel in the front of the machine. They have a blade somewhere in between the front and rear end of the grader which levels the 

intended surface. The width of the blade depends on the size of the machine and motor graders are available in various sizes to suit road construction activities of different scales.Leasing grader at the lowest renting cost in the country both in Kenya and Tanzania from the best construction company at road construction, civil engineering and real estate construction.