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Hiring a lorry from us is a breeze this is due to the sheer number of lorries or trucks we posses from pickup trucks and tippers. We posses several renowned semi tipper brands in our catalog including Tata, Mercedes, Scania, Mitsubishi and Volvo. As industry leaders we have successfully conducted several major construction projects in regions like Migori, Nairobi and Mombasa, the type of work included transportation of construction materials such as sand, gravel, red soil hardcore ballast and rocks by use of our semi tippers. Smaller projects consisted of transportation of agricultural food stuffs using canters and use of tank trucks to carry fuel.

Leasing a lorry from Build Worth Africa is a brilliant decision due to our attention to detail thus our trucks are given meticulous inspection during servicing for best equipment performance. Carrying capacity problems is also mitigated due to an impressive bucket size with a modern design to improve compatibility of load.Our lorry/truck price are the most competitive leasing price in the market and we give discounts on bundling on earth movement

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Build Worth Africa construction company

Build Worth Africa has vast experience in renting out a variety of  trucks/lorries which are semi tippers for the  purpose of major and minor construction projects over the last 7 years.  Hence we are experts in this business of construction machinery rental in Kenya and the greater East Africa region as we have been involved in a vast number of projects that transcend even countries. Our heavy machinery have been contracted for the purpose of mining, constructing road, drainage , construction of buildings and quarries  e.t.c. Hence we  are the best construction machinery  renting company in Kenya with an array of semi tippers at very pocket friendly prices especially our tata semi tippers