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If your interested is peaked from these benefits of working in construction, you might want to start exploring how to break into the construction industry. Whether or not you believe a construction job is in your future, it also never hurts to explore your options. Below, here’s how you can start to explore or find a job in building and construction in Kenya with or without a college degree.

With No Degree

1. Brush up your cv: Before you begin, make sure you have your cv in order before presenting them to construction companies. Draw on any relevant work experience from the past such as construction equipment operator or project engineer or foreman. Have you ever volunteered? Consider all of the work and projects in real estate building and civil projects you’ve contributed to beyond jobs you were just paid for.

2. Search smarter: If you’re searching for jobs online, look for construction jobs that advertise little to no experience required. You might even want to start searching for terms like “general labor” or “construction labor” to get started in an unskilled position. You can also look for short-term or seasonal jobs in construction sites around westlands. Even short experiences can help you determine if you like the industry without a long-term commitment, or at least get your foot in the door.

3. Contact a temporary staffing agency: Not all jobs are advertised online, and temporary staffing agencies might have other opportunities available you’re not aware of such as project engineers, plumber, carpenter and construction machinery operator.

4. Consider a trade school or applying for an apprentice job: If you absolutely know you want to be in the building and construction industry, you should think about entering a trade school or applying for an apprenticeship. With specialized classes and training, you’re more likely to get your career off on the right foot like masonry or a black smith or construction management.


5. Choose your major and classes wisely: If you know exactly what kind of job you would like to have in construction engineer or surveyor or architecture, make sure you’re on track in your program. Find a mentor in a professor if you don’t already have one. If you haven’t chosen your major but know construction is where you want to be, try to talk to recent graduates in the field and listen to their thoughts and experiences.

6. Become an intern: Internships are some of the most valuable work experiences you can get as a young professional—in or out of college. The best part is that since most internships are short term, you don’t have to feel like you’re committing to a major career path.

7. Attend a job fair: If you’re a recent college graduate or graduating soon, attend a job fair. You’ll be able to see what kind of jobs are in the construction and real estate market and what your odds are of landing certain jobs right with just a degree.