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The programme is aimed at enhancing domestic and regional trade through upgrading of the national and county roads network. The target is to construct and rehabilitate approximately 5,500 km of roads comprising of 3,825 km national trunk roads and 1,675 km county roads. About 1,700 km for Non-Motorized Transport (NMT) including paths and walkways will be constructed. About 800 km of roads will be designed and 4,257 km and 1,735 km of national trunk roads and county roads will be periodically maintained respectively. In addition, approximately 200,000 km will be routinely maintained. The PPP arrangements, such as concessions, Build Operate Transfer, Design-Build Operate, Design and Build will be used for roads construction and/or maintenance on Nairobi bypasses and other major roads including sections of Mombasa-Nairobi-Malaba, Mau-Summit-Kisumu-Busia and Nairobi-Thika highway.

To achieve the above targets, the following flagship programmes/projects will be implemented:

A)Northern Corridor Transport Improvement Project (NCTIP);

B0East Africa Road Network Project (EARNP);

C)Kenya Transport Sector Support Project;

D)Rehabilitate and Upgrade Eldoret-Kitale-Lodwar-Nadapal road (600km): This is a transnational project to promote and facilitate regional economic integration between Kenya and South Sudan;

E)Decongestion of Cities, Urban Areas and Municipalities: aimed at easing congestion, reduce travel time and costs and enhance connectivity in cities, urban areas and municipalities. These will include F)Construction of Bypasses, Construction of Missing Links and improvement of roads in Nairobi and other Cities and Municipalities; and Scale-up the Roads 2000 Programme which is labour intensive and has the potential to create more jobs.